Holiday 2020: SEO Project Checklist

You’ve read all the articles and thoughts on how this holiday season will be different than any other and how you need to prepare earlier than normal, but determining a place to begin can be overwhelming. In an effort to bring sanity to the chaos, we have compiled a list […]

4 Things to Know About SEO Strategy During a Global Pandemic

In this COVID-19 era with ever-fluctuating realities, Altezza is here to help pinpoint the SEO strategies to capitalize on in this almost exclusively digital world. While each industry is different and there are no perfect answers, we can still take note of previous mass changes and build from how Google preferred eCommerce sites to react.

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Meet Searchers Where They Are with Headless E-Commerce

Most e-commerce sites are impossibly large with churning inventories and infrastructures that are hard to navigate. By using headless e-commerce to build their SEO and focusing on faceted navigation technologies, retailers get the flexibility needed to satisfactorily answer more searchers’ queries, explains, Dave Chaplin, CEO, Altezza.

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Business Wire

Altezza Kicks Off a New Decade with Sophisticated Solutions and Best-in-Class Approach to Headless eCommerce

Altezza, an eCommerce visibility solution, today announced its new, updated approach to platform integration that offers unprecedented flexibility and lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

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The novel coronavirus has had a powerful impact on the global economy, and it’s likely those impacts will extend to the Q4 holiday shopping period. The success or failure of the 2020 holiday season could be a pivotal, make-or-break moment for many retailers.  This eBook explores how the pandemic has affected shopping habits and the effects, opportunities and challenges it poses for the upcoming holiday shopping season and beyond. Finally, it examines a few key strategies retailers can start applying today to meet those challenges, take advantage of the opportunities, and even make themselves immune to similar crises in the future. View and download the eBook here.