Precise Results for Targeted Searches

We call our version of faceted navigation pages Hypercats (short for hyper-categorized pages). They address the most common challenge for eCommerce sites that traditional faceted navigation pages don’t solve:

Automated page creation providing search visibility for targeted queries.

The Problem with Traditional Faceted Navigation Pages

eCommerce organizations have traditionally been faced with a choice between two extremes for managing facets:

You have pages that contain the exact product selections people are searching for. To control costs and overwhelming page management challenges, you could block search engines from crawling filtered versions of your pages, but this makes your pages, even those that match customers’ queries, invisible to search engines.


You end up with thousands of unoptimized and often duplicate pages that compete with each other, diluting your site and eating up your crawl budget.

Hypercats are automated, optimized, indexable versions of pages merchandised with products customers would expect to find.

Advantages of Hypercats

Faceted Navigation Page Creation
Start capturing the long-tail traffic you're missing out on.