What makes Altezza technology better than the rest?

If you’re tired of the barriers that come with out-of-the-box eCommerce solutions and overworked development teams, Altezza has the technology you’ve been looking for. We shatter the barriers that force you to compromise your vision for how an eCommerce site should work.

We use data and experience as the backbone for the solutions that will transform your site from good to great, but build a completely custom implementation to meet your specific needs. You won’t pay for any additional fluff or frills in your setup, just exactly what you need to grow your program.

Technical capabilities and integration

Our platform agnostic suite of eCommerce tools can integrate in a way that fits your specific website, CMS and business needs. Unlike a typical out-of-the-box solution, Altezza fuses to your site site’s unique setup.

Whether your site uses a traditional monolithic architecture or a modern headless architecture, whether you’re running on a completely custom solution or on a stock eCommerce platform, whether your site needs help in several areas or just one – we have an implementation that will work for you. We can deliver new capabilities using feeds, APIs, or even fully rendered pages. It’s up to you.

Our platform makes your platform better

If you find that your marketing team is spending valuable hours manually optimizing your site, or that your development team keeps putting off your creative initiatives due to bandwidth constraints, Altezza has a solution.

Allow your team to focus on the creative projects they get excited about instead of the mundane tasks that should be automated. Our algorithms and software can implement scalable, site-wide on-page updates and automatic page creation based on facets, and what your prospective customers are actually searching for.

Our Account Managers learn your site inside and out to give a personal touch which can’t be achieved with an algorithm alone. They are consistently making on-page updates, seasonal changes and reactionary alterations to reflect the ever-changing search world.

Elevated SEO, SEM and Merchandising Consulting

Tired of traditional consulting agencies providing recommendations with no way to implement them? So are we.

Altezza not only provides actionable insights, we have the tech to do the work for you. Choose one of our many implementation methods which allow us to integrate directly into your system. This gives us the capability to merchandise your site, create new pages, implement SEO best practices, create custom reports, and even make development updates by inserting code directly onto your site.

All of this can be done with you being as hands on or hands off as you’d like.