Capture Traffic for Trending Searches & Uncategorized Products

How quickly can your marketing team respond to an unexpected uptick in searches for an off-season product or an unforeseen trend that doesn’t fall within your site’s facets?

Reliance on a development team cycle to create and populate pages in these situations can be impractical due to resource allocation and time constraints.

With our customizable landing page creator, your team, or your dedicated Altezza SEO account manager can create and merchandise a custom page for relevant search terms on the fly.

Advantages of CLP's

Increase SEO Revenue and Conversions

Most eCommerce sites have the same limitations when it comes to product categories. Overcome the challenge of search visibility for the hundreds or even thousands of pages of constantly changing merchandise your customers are looking for.

Your marketing team can become agile, and results-driven when you provide them the technology to quickly create and merchandise custom pages. You control every aspect of the page – URL, merchandise, and on-page content – to pinpoint your target audience.

Once your pages are live, we test and measure the performance of new content, so you can remain agile.

Ready to leverage the power of CLP's?