Altezza, formerly known as SearchDex, is an eCommerce visibility solution, and announced its updated approach to platform integration offering greater flexibility and lower TCO.

Faceted Navigation Page Creation

DALLAS–()–Altezza, an eCommerce visibility solution, today announced its new, updated approach to platform integration that offers unprecedented flexibility and lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Today’s announcement signals Altezza’s transition from a page-publishing platform to a managed Software as a Service (SaaS), with the flexibility to integrate with each site in a way that works best for them—their site architecture, business challenges, and their priorities. Sites using a modern headless architecture can take advantage of new API integration options that will allow content and functionality to be delivered at scale using familiar technologies. Altezza’s search specialists work with digital marketing, SEO and IT teams to extrapolate the most valuable insights, develop a results-driven search optimization plan and facilitate execution. Altezza is a technology company that empowers marketers in a headless world.

Every online shopping experience starts with a search, and not just a simple search. Online shoppers are looking to buy—not browse. If a brand’s site is not able to match specific products to consumers’ specific queries, then they are missing opportunities to create loyal customers and leaving money on the table. The solution seems simple: optimize your pages for search. But when there are thousands of products and thousands of pages, that objective is anything but simple. This is exactly the pain point Altezza seeks to eliminate.

Altezza’s solutions are especially helpful for marketers who find themselves spending valuable hours manually optimizing their sites, as well as development teams putting off creative initiatives due to bandwidth constraints. Using sophisticated algorithms, Altezza recommends new faceted navigation pages as well as custom landing pages—and uses automation to create those pages. This allows marketing teams to focus on the creative projects they get excited about, eliminates dependencies on IT teams, and helps retailers seize opportunities for revenue they were previously missing.

“We offer our customers a completely custom experience, allowing marketers to move quickly and without the time constraints of IT development,” said Dave Chaplin, Altezza’s CEO. “Our entire team of search and eCommerce experts is committed to supporting our customers as partners—arming marketers and SEO professionals with insightful data, then utilizing those insights to guide every step of implementation.”

Altezza’s proprietary technology enables brands to rise above the limitations of out-of-the-box eCommerce solutions to drive revenue and make their ideal vision a reality. With its platform-agnostic suite of tools, Altezza can integrate in a way that fits each company’s specific website, CMS and business needs. Whether a company uses a monolithic or a modern decoupled architecture, a custom headless solution, or an out-of-the-box CMS, Altezza designs a strategy to tailor fit each brand using API integration options, a unique Content Management System, direct data feeds and more. Altezza’s approach to headless eCommerce offers customers robust integration options, allowing for “a la carte” consumption of services. Competitors simply offer plug-and-play solutions—without the customization necessary to truly fit retailers’ needs.

About Altezza

Altezza is a Dallas-based SEO technology and services company with more than 15 years of experience in the eCommerce and search solutions space. Altezza’s flexible technology enables marketers to create targeted landing pages and optimize organic search programs at scale. Coupled with enterprise-class SEO consultation services, Altezza doesn’t just offer insights, its team of search experts provides solutions and services designed to make insights actionable. Altezza provides a strategic method for organic SEO and online brand visibility which solves eCommerce challenges to achieve online revenue growth. Its proprietary platform directly addresses a fundamental enterprise SEO challenge—the gap between buyer and seller—with a unified solution that offers a distinct and integrated approach to digital marketing for eCommerce companies of all sizes. Visit Altezza’s website at for more information, and follow us on LinkedIn.

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